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About us

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Are you a university wanting to raise your doctoral graduation rates?  A professor wanting to find help for your most challenged students? A doctoral student somewhere in the world working on a dissertation or thesis?  Our mission is to provide dissertation help and raise graduation rates.  

Everyone on this page is 100% dedicated to that mission and, whether by university subscription or individual membership we help students through:

  1. free content and web-based gatherings
  2. Automations© and Self Guided Memberships
  3. group work
  4. personal consulting, targeted weekends, and virtual retreats.  All of our services make use of web-based efficiencies to bring you the best options for the lowest possible price.  All of our professors have deep experience in research and a proven track record of helping students through to graduation (a minimum of 10 graduates is standard).

Dr. E. Alana James, Ed.D.

Dr. E. Alana James, Ed.D.

alanaFounder of DoctoralNet Ltd
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The founder and guiding light for DoctoralNet Ltds mission to raise PhD completion rates around the world, "Dr Alana" realized that by exploiting the rapid changes in technology enhanced learning options, even a small company could make a huge difference in graduate completion rates. Now in our third year, with four university subscriptions in progress and thousands of students actively working on the site she would say, "the ways in which technology can be employed to help students graduate more easily and faster, in partnership with their universities, has just begun."

A graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University with a degree in educational leadership, Alana keeps the visions rolling out as this year she speerheaded the rollout of university subscriptions, the 30 day writing challenge, and the growing team of international professors, all of whom are working together to push back on what may be the greatest travesty in higher education: a 50% Doctoral rate of graduation. She has advised or been a reader on over 30 doctoral students who are now graduates. To read more about her and her own personal dissertation experience, go HERE.

Alana has authored three books for Sage Publications: the newest James, E. A., & Slater, T. (2014). A map for writing your dissertation: Proven methods for finishing faster. Thousand Oaks, CA, USA: Sage Publications provides insight on the three phase process which underpins this site. Much of the book was inspired by DoctoralNet Academy membership videos, slides and visual outputs.
Her author page at Sage is HERE.
Connect with her on LinkedIn
Check out Dr. James' interview HERE

Dr. Maria Sanchez-Patino, Ph.D.

Dr. Maria Sanchez-Patino, Ph.D.

maria2Director of Design and Coach
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maria is a partner in our firm and is largely responsible for the design of the interactive automations© and of ResearchMastersNet which will be available for review in the fall of 2015.

Maria is a Venezuelan professor Emeritus who has worked in Higher Education for more than 30 years and lives in Panama since 2006. She gives an "international" view to the business and brings Spanish to the DoctoralNet reportoire of services. She has over 20 doctoral students who have graduated with her assistance.

Connect with her on LinkedIn here.
Check out Dr. Sanchez-Patino's interview HERE

Dr. Joanne C. Preston, Ph.D.

Dr. Joanne C. Preston, Ph.D.

Joanne5Director of Foreign Partnerships and Coach
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Joanne C. Preston is a globally recognized management consultant who specializes in organization development and change (OD&C) across large, complex situations. As a partner in DoctoralNet Ltd Joanne is at the forefront of working with universities in Africa to develop partnerships.

She has more than 40 years as a Consultant and Academic. As a consultant, she is CEO of Joanne C. Preston and Associates, a large scale change network organization of numerous highly qualified global consulting companies. She has performed services for political leaders, Fortune 500 companies and Non-Governmental Organizations within the USA and internationally.

Academically, she has been the University Dean of two Doctoral programs and has written numerous articles and three books. Joanne is a recognized researcher in OD&C and has received in 1994 The OD Consultant of the Year Award from the Organization Development Institute for her work in South Africa organizing citizens to eliminate apartheid non-violently. She is currently the editor of the Organization Development Journal, which is the most cited international journal in this field. The current term has been 6 years but previously she was editor two other times for a total of 20 years or more.

Check out Dr. Preston's interview HERE

Dr. Kat Malinsky, Ed.D.

Dr. Kat Malinsky, Ed.D.

katProfessor Coach
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As a professionally certified coach Kat specializes in coaching dissertation writers to focus their topics, design and align the elements of their proposals, and complete their dissertations. In addition to chairing over 100 dissertation committees during her 14 year tenure at Argosy University Kat has coached over 50 clients through their dissertation journeys over the past 4 years. She has a passion for coaching and loves guiding clients through the dissertation process.

With teaching experience ranging from elementary to graduate school Kat brings over 30 years of experience in education to the table. She holds a B.S. in Fine Arts Education from Hofstra University, a M.Ed. in International Administration and ESOL from The College of New Jersey, and an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Argosy University.

If you’d like to learn more about her qualifications and view her endorsements we invite you to review Kat's profile on LinkedIn

Check out Dr. Malinsky's interview HERE


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