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1.3.5 Identifying PhD Research Methodology

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Dissertation Research Methodology: Your Approach

Dissertation research methodology, in fact research methodology in general, is a task that people have to face more than once in their life. Most of us do it in an informal way as part of our daily life while others have to approach it in a more formal way due to academic or career reasons. It is natural then, that when we are faced with our questions about how to write a dissertation, we approach research methodology from the angle which we commonly use in our lives.

Both approaches have common elements. They focus on something that is not working properly or that we need to get, analyze possible options, and make decisions intended to achieve the proposed goal. However, we will discuss designing your dissertation research methodology from only one point of view - that of formal contexts –studies to develop dissertations or research reports.

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Why Is It Important to Write the Methodology Chapter As Soon As Possible?

Jodi Leffingwell at Walden University, and many others, will tell you that my forcing them to write their methodology earlier in their writing process than they had intended created a breakthrough in understanding; one for which they were very grateful. Why is that? This article is written for research Master’s students, and MastersNet members, in order to help them analyze whether writing the methodology chapter right at the beginning of the thesis journey will advance the likelihood of finishing their work early. Discussed herein are: a brief overview of the contents of the methodology chapter, and an analysis of its linkages to the other chapters. 

Have you ever watched the construction of a skyscraper? If you have, you will notice that first they dig a very deep hole and pour in all the foundational elements below ground. The next step though is surprising, as they then build the elevator shaft,

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Activity: Develop A Table of Methods/Methodologies From Your Literature


At the Masters level, this activity may be all you need, rather then using bibliographic software as well.  Much depends on the number of required references.   In this activity, you will begin to sort the articles you read for your review of literature through the creation of a table that is focused on the methods/methodologies used in the research you are reading. MastersNet has found this activity is useful because it creates a body of information through which you can discuss your ideas about the development of your final research methodology with others.

Start by beginning a 3 x 3 table. The first column is used for the reference of the article, book, or thesis that you are reading. In the second column, you capture any words or descriptions of the methodology the researcher employed. Finally, the third column delineates the particular methods used.

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Get Started By Writing Your Methodology

How and when to write a thesis methodology: The big question in helping the research Master’s thesis

There is a growing population of research Master’s students who have many difficulties to finish their theses. While this may be a travesty of the higher education world, it is a personal failure as well. How disappointing for a graduate student, to spend huge amounts of money and then not to be able to claim a degree or its benefits at the end. This article is written to give thesis help to those who may be close to finish, but still struggling with writing the actual document for their research Master’s theses. The starting point here is the three-chapter thesis proposal, assuming that getting to the proposal stage is a blockage. Another article has been written for those stuck finishing up after they have collected data.

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