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Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools

April 9, 2021
Details Pending

Quality in Postgraduate Research

April 12-16, 2021
Postponed Due to COVID-19

Council of Southern Graduate Schools

April 22, 2021
Remote Graduate Academic and Professional Development: What is the potential and how do we get there?

This last year has taught everyone that there is great potential for meeting and supporting students anytime/anywhere. Come spend an hour with Dr Alana James as she shares an obvious prognosis as to the growing need for remote services for students from her companies history with the work. She'll share the interplay of the theoretical and conceptual frame and literature that supports her current research into how targeted enrollment practices can be used to address one of our trickiest problems - attrition and slow to completion issues.

The session will close with a frank discussion of the business model and ways in which the next few years might allow it to reach the goal of having robust resources available to all the students who need them.

Council of Graduate Schools Summer Workshop and New Deans Institute

July 2021
Details Pending

European Educational Research Association

1st week September, 2021
Presentation on the Remote Graduate Academic Professional Development Used in Research Bootcamps: Helping Masters and by Research and PhDs Finish - Lessons from 2020

Geneva (online)
Council of Graduate Schools

December 1-4, 2021
Details Pending

New Orleans, LA