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Kat Malinsky Interview

    1. Why are you working with DoctoralNet?  

katI love helping students work through the development and completion of their dissertation. Over the years I have come to see the process like a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and truly enjoy helping students see how the pieces fit together. Having chaired over 100 dissertations and coached more than fifty clients over the past 20 years I have gained a great deal of insight into the process that I love sharing with students. I really enjoy assisting students as they navigate through this intricate process. 

    1. What is your favorite part of helping PhD students succeed?

I get really excited when I can help students see how the jigsaw puzzle, that is their dissertation, starts to fit together. When they begin to see how the problem, purpose, research questions, data collection, and analysis fit together the process shifts for them. That's the moment when they begin to see how all the pieces can come together to create the image they envision. I love the moment when students really begin to gain a clearer image of how their dissertation puzzle can fit together.

    1. What things do you wish you had known that now you would suggest to doctoral students?

When I started I did not know that the dissertation was a marathon that required a great deal of training and stamina. So I recommend that doctoral students pace themselves and think about how they'll sustain themselves throughout the marathon. I also did not know how to manage the overall process or break it down into managable pieces. I suggest doctoral students find a system to break down and manage the steps of the marathon that is the dissertation. 

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