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Interview with Joanne Preston - Head of the "Getting Published" Division

  1. Why are you working with doctoral net?Joanne5

    I want to encourage more terminally degreed (PhDs and others) students, post grads and professors to publish not only their dissertations but future work as well. There are less than 10% that do publish and those that do usually write theoretically. Today, it is so important that new ideas get out to those who do applied work.  This is where new people to the field who just finished their dissertations fill a great need but many are not taught how to publish by their mentors. It is time that this becomes an easy thing rather than a difficult challenge.

  2. What is your favorite part of helping PhD students succeed?

    I love it when a graduate writes to me and says “My manuscript was accepted!” It is a real high. I'm doing a few webinars during the Sept 2014 open house - you can read about them HERE.

  3. What things do you wish you had known that you would suggest to doctoral students now?

    I was told that I could not write and never to try to publish by my mentor.  That made me very angry so I learned how to write and how to publish by myself.  I am very prolific more so than my mentor and the trick is that this process is very teachable and easy to learn if the individual is persistent and continues to read and practice writing.

  4. Would you like to see her live?



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