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Students tell us that our webinars,

  1. First, the invitation to join the community immediately gave me a sense of connection that was greatly needed at the time i.e. it reminded me that
    a) my goal was important
    b) I was not alone, As we discussed in Women in Leadership (WIL) meetings - to have a network of assistance and guidance is tantamount to success.
  2. Second, I recall logging in to live webinars and enjoying the interaction, examples, and camaraderie.
  3. Third, It was good to have a mentor/guide to send reminders and updates for completing a writing project.
  4. Finally, the notes were useful and I saved them to an email folder for easy reference.

Deborah, recent Doctoral graduate TAMUCC

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2019 has a great lineup for webinars and group work - you can see the current clickable list by

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Of course, after you have signed up for the ones you want, you may not want the regular reminder emails that are sent from your universities partnership with DoctoralNet.  If so, please fill out the form below and you'll see and immediate decrease in the amount of emails you receive - leaving only one a month with updates on tools and options designed to speed your graduate journey.

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