Organized into Milestones That Measure and Guide Progress




Master Completion
Throughout the variety of final work required for Masters' Degrees two skills hold true: the need for critical thinking and academic writing skills. These technologies guide those and a research capstone as well.

PHASE 1: Getting Started

PHASE 1: Getting Started

Designing the Research
This phase guides you through understanding what is required of your dissertation / thesis and guiding you through the iterative research design process.

PHASE 2: Begin to Write

PHASE 2: Begin to Write

Your First Few Chapters as You Tackle Academic Writing
Phase 2 guides you through academic writing standards for your Introduction, Review of Literature, and Methodology sections.

PHASE 3: Finishing up

PHASE 3: Finishing up

Post Data Analysis Writing
You enter phase three as finish collecting you data. Phase 3 guides you through analysis, final writing and onto defense, viva or completion.

PHASE 4: Getting Published

PHASE 4: Getting Published

Directly after you complete your doctorate is the best time for you to rework your research and get it published. Phase 4 has it's own challenges.

A Suite of "Small Technologies" Designed to Ease Tensions 
in Graduate Work for Universities, Professors and Students


Lingerers and other groups supplement the tools below to build a well rounded support experience.


the perfect delivery system for our most loved tools, especially for students who don't respond to emails


DoctoralNet webinars break through the isolation you may feel as you work on your dissertation or thesis. Retired professors, develop a library with 80 live, online webinars a year, outlining and explaining the subtleties of research and academic writing.

30 day challenges

Students appreciate opportunities to work with each other across international boundaries, as they progress their own work. DoctoralNet leverages the borderless opportunity of the web to incorporate video, social media, groupwork in a variety of events throughout the year.

Boxed Sets

Give the student easy access to a suite of tools and content surrounding the hard to grasp concepts of critical thinking, academic writing, research design, etc.

Motivational supports

The only daily email that enjoys a 45% open rate, 365 days a year. Independent research is lonely and many who fail do so because they lose motivation. 365 push notifications keep you motivated through the entire process

International PhD online community

Free community to all doctoral students around the world - join groups for the discussions you need.

Push Notifications

Keep students in touch with upcoming webinars and events

Personalized email support

Responding in a similar fashion to a librarian, our staff is always on-call to help your students find what they want and to help them reframe their process in a positive light.

Mapped process through research

Self guiding interactive content lays out the various steps of the research process in a manner that can be visited and revisited as needed.

University specific webinars

Our internal staff of professors are happy to put up specific content as your students need it.


Laid out like conversations between you and the best doctoral mentors, these forms ask you to consider the full range of criteria you will be up against at examination.

Accountability to milestones

Milestones establish internal and external accountability. Sent by email once a month - they provide you the motivation to keep going.

Adaptative micro learning content

Designed for the modern on-the-go student, quick articles highlight an important issue in less than 10 minutes, scaffolding knowledge and giving students confidence in their future success.

Group support for academic writing/ABDs & Getting Published

Nothing beats peer to peer guided interactions to help early stage researchers understand the needs of their reader. Groups also prove highly productive and helping to restart those who have stalled. Lurkers can watch by recording at the time of their choosing.


Bi-annual reports on student usage comments and longitudinal data reported for university stakeholders and as part of efficacy research.

Online personalized support

keeping students up-to-date on offerings per their place in the process, cuts back on redundancy while increasing specific messages appropriate to moving them ahead.

1:1 help with referral from university

Students opt-in for 1:1 time with a retired professor, helping them get over the individual challenges they face.

Personalized reports back to university on progress made by referred students/hours of support

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The Golden Thread of consistency

Lack of internal consistency is your root challenge at final defense or Viva. DoctoralNet's full system of eight strategies build consistency from the design through writing to the final draft.

  • Dr. Juliette Brown

    When I was accepted into my University (CTU) Doctoral program. I had no idea or knowledge pertaining to writing a defendable /publishable dissertation leading to graduation. Because of other curriculum objective and duties, a person needing more tutoring in the art of dissertation writing principles would need to look elsewhere. My elsewhere was DoctoralNet. I received the help, understanding and tools I needed to achieve Doctoral success.

    Dr. Juliette Brown
  • Dr Harriet Cole

    I had my viva on Monday, and was awarded a PhD! Only a few minor changes are required! So I am delighted!
    But I wouldn't have managed to push through without you help, advice, your book and nor without everyone involved in the accelerator experience. So thank you!

    Dr Harriet Cole
  • Henrietta Knight PhD

    I had the What the Why but DoctoralNet provided the How - as I was doing the work I was able to be able to visualize the process I needed to go through to finish.

    Henrietta Knight PhD
  • Candi Van Vleet PhD

    DoctoralNet provided resources, encouragement and direction during times when I wasn’t able to ask others. The online chats were extremely helpful for quick question & answer sessions. Especially when I was beginning to bog myself down in too much detail!

    Candi Van Vleet PhD

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