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What Makes a Dissertation or Thesis?

There are many places within the process of writing a research dissertation in which students fall into confusion. Each one of them prohibits doctoral students from finishing early. Dissertation writing services will tell you that many people come to them with dissertation ideas that they have been unable to develop into a solid or defensible proposal. It is necessary then, to start on the journey by uncovering the distinctions between research on the topic and the scientific research model on which the three chapter dissertation, or thesis, is based.

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Doctoral Milestone Checklist

Enjoy using this tool!  

You need to be able to measure your progress on small and major milestones, as this is the key to both maintaining a pace towards graduation and creating postive communication with your supervisor.

Remember - if any of these minor or major milestones seem unfamiliar to you - your membership allows access to a variety of content to help guide you.  You will find that all the content on the site corresponds to these milestones so the order on the maps and the menus will help you find your way.

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How to Write a Dissertation: Follow These Steps

Anyone approaching new work always asks: How do I do this?  You, as a doctoral student, are no different. Your first question may be, "How do I write a dissertation? How do I write a thesis?"  Like any complex task, this one has many layers; all of which you will explore over the next few years. Nevertheless you will feel more secure if you have the basic road map - so here it is!

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