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Doctoral Candidates Don’t Just Read for Content

Reading academic material is often not easy, especially when you may have been out of the academic environment for a while. Unlike reading for pleasure, reading academic material forces us to read and take notice of more components than just the content. This article discusses academic material from the viewpoint of the graduate student who may be investigating this material as a potential for their research, and review of literature. While not directly discussed here, firmly believes that graduate students should always be using reference software such as EndNote in order to capture robust ideas and comments as they read.

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Doctoral Students Know Where You Are Going: The Parameters of the Lit Review

 Have you ever gone on a trip while living in a cold climate, and found it hard to pack adequately if your travels took you to a very hot one? Or on the other hand, it's hard to imagine how to pack for very cold weather when you are currently in a very hot place. The same disconnect in our potential to understand what we need occurs when a graduate student is beginning to read for their research and final review, but, because they have never been there, it will not be easy to include all the elements of thought that they need. There are two issues: the first is what content needs to be included and the second is how to organize it so you efficiently can get your hands on that content when you need it. Remember, it may be months from now when you will be required to easily put your hands on some very specific types of information. This article is intended to help you with both issues.

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