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Ten Weeks of Measurable Actions For Lit Reviews

Many doctoral students would love to wave a magic wand, get all the dissertation help they need, and have their review of the literature done for them. While it takes a considerable amount of time to locate, read, and notate in a reference software more than 75 peer reviewed articles (the standard in most universities as a minimum for a review of literature), there are steps that will make this section go faster. This article discusses those steps as part of measurable action. In other words, by applying the second step of action research, the measurable action step, students can have their ideas tested and verified as they go along.

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Video: Using EndNote for Your Literature Review

The video discusses the hidden features in EndNote that help students write their lit reviews.  Everything it says works for any bibliographic software.  At the Masters Level, depending on how many references you are required to have, you may be able to organize all you need in a spreadsheet, but still these ideas will help you decide what you need.  Together with its companion video "Organize that Lit Review", it provides all graduate students the help they need with what is usually Chapter 2 in most capstone or thesis models.  

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Activity – Starting To Read with These Things in Mind

 This activity presupposes that you are just starting your research journey, and that you have read the article Don't Just Read for Content, and watched the video  "Inspiration for the Literature Chapter".  It is also useful if you have some idea about your methodology; although in fairness, the loop between thinking about your methodology, thinking about your topic, and capturing your literature is an ongoing cycle of activity that will develop over time.

This activity helps you set up the basic slots for organizational pulls that will help you capture the data you need.



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Exercise To Create a Better PhD Literature Review

One of the most frequent requests for thesis help is to clarify what is required for a review of literature. This article takes that process apart piece by piece, dealing with how to analyze what you are reading. Others in the series discuss: what to include in your notes and how to organize those notes for the most efficient and effective recovery when it comes time to write. 

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Video: Organize Your Literature Review!

Write the columns, not the rows!  What does this mean?  

This video was the first DoctoralNet video - it is old content that still receives positive hits and comments today because it helps you sort out how to move from the way you think when you read literature to the way you need to organize your dissertation literature review, which is chapter 2 of most proposal models.  It and its companion video on the use of EndNote for writing the lit review should make your writing process much easier and encourage perusal of a sample literature review or two in exemplar dissertations.        


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