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Sample Literature Review

As is discussed in other parts of this website, literature reviews are meant to set the purpose and scope of your study within the greater context of work in your field. Partially, you complete a review of literature in order to ensure that the study you are contemplating has not been done before you, or if it has, at your context etc. are different enough, that your work will indeed add to your field. Therefore, the scope and breadth of literature reviews is vast. These examples, taken from dissertations from graduates who gave their permission and worked with one of the DoctoralNet professors, as with all downloaded samples, require you to fill out the form to the right whereupon you will receive by email the links you need to the documents you wish to download. 

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Discovery about Literature

In this article you will:

1. Discover what is involved in organizing and evaluating the resources you are finding in order to outline your arguments and begin to write your review of the literature. You will begin to map your discussion, reporting as you do, how those plans are developing so that your colleagues may assist prior to the time your rough draft of your outline is due.

2. Discover that part of comprehension and expertise is the ability to demonstrate connections between various authors. The ability to come back to a resource discovered at an earlier stage and extrapolate new ideas can be the result of taking adequate notes as you read.

3. Discover and exchange ideas about how to use the electronic tools at your disposal to benefit this search. 


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