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Postscript to: An Idea Is Not a Problem

It’s delightful to me to put a postscript on that earlier blog about how an idea is not a problem and therefore not a good foundation for research. As the doctoral student researcher on HR attended our mini retreat in January, 2013, I was able to watch her progress throughout the weekend as she moved past that particular block.

To recap the challenge was that she was framing her problems as the fact that there was a gray ceiling in her municipality and she wanted to investigate whether or not the middle managers were resentful of the older managers who were still in place. To get past this she successfully:  

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A Dissertation Research Problem from Your Professional Practice

Guest Blog by Robin Throne, Ph.D.,

As the proliferation of the online doctorate for the professional practitioner has continued to advance an American knowledge economy, more and more doctoral candidates have focused their dissertation research study on study problems emerging from professional practice. Although there are many definitions of what constitutes practitioner research, I use the term with a broad-brush definition that is synonymous with any primary research design across disciplines that originates from professional practice. 


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An Idea Is Not a Problem: And Therefore Not the Basis You Need for Research

When I look into their eyes, or hear the sheer frustration in their voices my heart goes out to them. Frustration mounts as these doctoral students build ideas which sound much like the ideas of their peers who are more successful. Yet, for reasons they cannot understand, their research frameworks never quite gather the approval of their professors. Sometimes I have been that advising professor myself, and then I have felt my own frustration of not knowing how to properly help them move off the place where they now stand, to build a solid research design. 

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