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How to Choose Theory to Explain Your Research Problem

Once you have identified the problem to develop your thesis/ dissertation, you face the task of reviewing literature, especially prior research studies, to find theories that explain it. Such a task may seem either straightforward or daunting at first sight. In fact, it is usually both and we will see why in this article.

Before explaining the reasons for that apparently contradictory claim, we need to review four basic concepts: paradigm, theory, research, and problem.


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Use of Theory in Award Winning PhD Theses

Theory is used in research many ways; some inherent in the reasons for the study and others having methodological implications.  This short article offers a brief overview of a complex subject as it unpacks the use of theory in a number of award winning theses.  We suggest you also watch the many webinars we have and will continue to conduct as you unpack this in your own work.  At its heart, your theory is just that... 

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