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Phase 2:




Phase 2 Map

2.1 Have You Investigated the Characteristics of Academic Writing?

2.1.2 Have You Identified Characteristics of Outstanding Thesis?

2.1.3 Are You Clear About Your Approach to the Writing Process?

2.1.4 Are You Secure In Your Writing Habits?

2.2.1 Are You Prepared to Write Methodology --- Writing Your Methodology ---

2.2.2 & 2.2.3 Do You Understand the Purpose of Chapters & Have You Chosen Your Headings

2.3.1 Are You Prepared to Write Your Review of Literature? --- Writing Your Review of Literature ---

2.3.2 & 2.3.3 Do You Understand the Purpose of Your Review of Lit & Do You Have Your Headings?

2.4.1 Are You Prepared to Write Your Introduction? --- Writing Your Introduction ---

2.4.2 & 2.4.3 Do You Understand the Purpose of Your Introduction & Have Your Headings?

2.5.1 Are You Writing Your Introduction?

2.5.2 Are You Writing Your Review of Literature?

2.5.3 Methodology Written

2.5.4 Have You Adequately Integrated Your Writing? --- Integrating The Chapter Into A Proposal (US) ---

2.5.5 Are You Assured Your Words Are Consistent?

2.6.1 Have You Polished Your Proposal & Prospectus?

2.6.2 & 2.6.3 Are You Ready For Or Have You Finished Your Defense Of Proposal?

Congrats... You Are Ready to Go On to Phase 3

Congrats... You Are Ready to Go On to Phase 3


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Heading Sources and Requirements has found it to be very efficient and advantageous to someone beginning to write their dissertation, that they spend a little pre-writing time on developing a set of headings that work for their topic area and their methodology. 


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Pull Headings from Four Sources

This activity should, in our opinion, be the very first thinking/writing you do when starting your dissertation. By following these steps you will build a solid logic and a firm foundation. 

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Academic Writing Do's and Don'ts

Writers of all kinds must write to the guidelines of those who will publish their work. Those working on their dissertation proposal or final as part of their doctoral education are under the same constraints. As a writer, I find the guidelines of the journals etc. for whom I write to be restrictive, and I know that my doctoral students feel the same. We both just have to get over it, and realize that if we want to pass these outside criteria we must do exactly what is required. 


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Dissertations and Theses Included in Our Analysis of Outstanding, Award-Winning Work and Its Similarities and Differences From Those That Did Not Win Awards

The following are includes in Appendix E of: James, E. A. (2014). Writing your doctoral dissertation or thesis faster : A proven map to success (H. Salmon Ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA, USA: Sage Publishing.

Akkerman, S., Admiraal, W., Brekelmans, M., & Oost, H. (2008). Auditing quality of research in social sciences. Quality & Quantity, 42(2), 257–274. Retrieved from 10.1007/s11135-006-9044-4.

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