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Research Proposal Writing: General 1-3 Rubric for Dissertation Proposals

Most doctoral students tell us that, even more than having a dissertation proposal sample, they appreciate the way in which this rubric helps them tighten their work. You can download this rubric from the link in the attachment line below.

For those who find it helpful, this is a copyrighted conglomeration of most of the good ideas we have put together over the years, to help you with research proposal writing.  Note this applies mostly to students in the United States who are required to write a formal three chapter proposal.

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Video: Know Your Focus Before You Start to Write

Are you wondering how do you write a dissertation thesis? How to write your dissertation methodology? What is involved in a PhD dissertation proposal? 

Don't waste your precious time writing about the subject of your dissertation -dissertation writing is too time consuming as it is.  Write instead about the research you will do - This video hesps you focus on what is needed.

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Video: How to Write a PhD Thesis/ Dissertation Proposal/Prospectus

This video is a quick overview of an approach to writing a dissertation proposal that works with an overview of what goes where and what to watch out for.  As you know from other content on our site, we believe all doctoral students should consider writing their methodology almost as soon as they finalize their research plan.

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Video: The Logic of the Three Chapter Proposal

Doctoral students can greatly increase the efficiency of their dissertation writing if they first understand the logic behind the three chapter proposal. This video has received the most testimonials to date and students tell us they watch it over and over. While designed to explain the three chapter dissertation or thesis proposal, these ideas are equally true for most research proposal formats.

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