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Defense of Proposal

Doctoral students frequently feel unhappy or upset after both their defense of proposal and defense of dissertation processes. Maintaining a positive attitude when receiving criticism is part of the task, but it also helps to understand the defense in light of the entire journey. This article is one of a series offering dissertation help to doctoral students faced with the challenges of graduate work and it focuses on the frequently asked question, "What can I expect out of my defense of proposal?" 

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Video: Preparing for Defense of Proposal

I find that the ideas contained within this video are key to having a fairly easy defense of proposal. The proposal defense is one of the high stakes tests of doctoral education, and one where everyone learns - the committee learn from each other and the student from the committee.  One of the biggest snags is lack of correspondence in topics between the three chapters - this video helps identify that issue.

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The Defense of Proposal (US)

Help With Dissertation Writing: How to Use Criticism to Your Best Advantage.

You have been struggling with how to write a dissertation proposal; be prepared the your next hurdle (if you live in the US) will be a critical defense or that work.  We find that doctoral students are frequently angry or unhappy when they receive strong critical comments, especially during defense of dissertation or defense of proposal and question what is dissertation excellence. 

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