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Purpose of the Findings Chapter

Once the study has been conducted and data analyzed, it is time to present your findings and, in plain words, build the display of your thesis or dissertation. This is the part of the writing process in which you have to focus on answering the research question or addressing the study’s objectives/hypotheses; therefore, the purpose of the chapter is to present the results of your study in such a way that the answer to the research question or the information that relates to the objectives/hypotheses as well as the reason(s) behind it can be clearly understood and evaluated.

In order to achieve that purpose, you need to follow some basic principles:

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Dissertation Chapters: Results, Findings and Conclusions

Have you collected your data? Is the analysis underway? Do you begin to know what it is you think you have learned? Are you a doctoral student who is now faced with writing up what is to you a very complex and varied experience, unsure how to begin? This article goes over the basic process which will carry you through writing your findings and final conclusion for your doctoral dissertation or thesis.

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