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Slides:Surviving Your Viva or Defense: The Slides

You should take the time to understand what is needed during your viva or dissertation defense.  For this reason we have multiple modes of exploration.  Look in our webinar calendar for the next time this webinar will be done (generally around Nov/Dec and May), look into these slides or watch the videos created by past events.  However you do it, be sure to make the time to practice the steps and activities - they will prepare you for the "big day."

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Why Would You Want a Mock Defense?

Why practice before the big game?  Because when the opposing team throws you a fast ball you are more likely to catch it, or field it or handle it correctly and in such a way as to advance your cause.  The same is true with a mock defense.  Whether you pay for "real" professors in a service like ours, or call your friends in, there are some things you should practice.

Click past the readmore to find out what examiners look for and how to practice the "tough" questions.

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Surviving Your Viva or Final Defense: The Slides

Are You Ready for Your Viva or Final Defense?  This set of slides discusses what your committee with look for and what they likely will ask about.  Work this through with your writing buddy or best friend and you will feel more comfortable when the day arrives.


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Webinar: Surviving Your Viva or Final Defense

Slides: Committees, Defense, Vita and, Publishing - the End Games - this is one of our most popular webinars.  In it we discuss what examiners looks for, how they rank what they see and the questions they are likely to ask.


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