How can technology help personalized student support go to scale?

Webinars, experiences delivered over time, and boxed sets provide the static content.  Interactive groups offer support for those feeling lost.  Finally tools such as self assessments, checklists, etc provide direction for the students who get ahead mostly on their own.


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This is how it works...

  • Your university site is built with your logo and colors.

  • We market 90+ pd webinars a year to your students

  • They opt in for web-based experiences, specialized content, self assessments, tools, etc.

  • We track who and what goes on.  Students earn stamps and endorsements - as we feed them data back to your team.

  • Together we build stronger services, attracting more students, building a culture of learning.

Your Personalized Portal & App

Delivering a robust suite of tools for academic writing, critical skills, research design and execution, wellness, motivation and transferable skills for careers.

Build your OWN professional development site and app using our modular system.

Your logo, colors, requests for webinars and scheduling tied to your campus needs. Updated over time to become your online tools for students, tied into an international community of student users.

New features

Self Directed Learning

Directed learning modules make use of synchronous and pre-recorded webinars and other types of content for adult learners.

Library of videos

A section of a larger webinar aimed at giving an overview and tempting a student to learn more.

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Full events calendar

Fine tune delivery for maximum success using comparison data of your results with other universities using the system

Twice a year we deliver adoption, usage, and indicators of retention. We then plot out the best calendar for the next semester and any special events that will increase our tools merging with your on campus efforts.

Have a technology team partner without taking on the extra personnel expense this would require if developed in house and together move towards increased retention and completion for Masters and Doctoral students