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Student reviews:

I have several texts on completing dissertations and its only when I opened 'Writing your Doctoral Dissertatioin and Thesis Faster,' did I realise how much I was missing!! It provides you with explanations on what each section should contain and common questions we all ask as doctoral students. What I loved was the opportunity to enjoy the process of completing a dissertation because I had the guidelines through this text on what it takes to produce an award winning dissertation. You won't regret it!!!

Charaine Lucas

Professor reviews:

“It is extremely readable and candid. As a faculty [member], I want students to know the ‘real deal’. The approach offered in this book provides one that is holistic realizing that our students are people with lives that influence the dissertation process. The Tracesea sections came at the right time when I was going to ask the very same question. Multiple voices of student and faculty add a wonderful dynamic. Love the use of PowerPoint slides, which would help me tremendously in my dissertation seminar.”   (Gretchen McAllister)

 “I really like the detail, experiences, reflections by students, and layout.” (Gene Gloeckner)

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