The summer of 2020 in the Northern hemisphere has been one of experimentation for many colleges and universities. The seventeen universities who employ pd.education by DoctoralNet.com merged together in a remote doctoral and research masters bootcamp experience. Not held in the traditional one big week format but rather over the course of seven or ten weeks, the set up differed depending on where the student, early career researcher, was in their research trajectory.

From an overall population of about 550 who demonstrated interest, four samples emerged and will be discussed in this comparative study. First, a sample of 22 who signed up for the bootcamp as a last-ditch course - these were EdD students who had lingered in their program for 7-9 years preproposal. Second, 284 who signed up for the same preproposal 10-week work. Third, 318 who self categorized as with data ready to finish. Finally, 177 research masters who could have been either just starting or post data collection.

Covered in this webinar will be the strategies, materials and outcomes of advancement, including a discussion of the initial survey data through adoption and engagement statistics to outcomes as reported at the end of the term.