Masters & Doctoral Professional Development...

  • Preparing students for the future
  • Supporting them through to graduation
  • Positive revenue for the university

Masters and Doctoral students stumble at university for complex reasons - some personal, some institutional.

DoctoralNet resources fill gaps, motivate and build personal efficacy.

We serve you and your students in three ways...

  • Adoption of Tools - we actively market to students to attend 90+ webinars, use your university site, join groups, etc aimed at fullfilling their professional development needs.

  • Personalized Pedagogical Responsiveness - consistently upgrading tools to increase on the spot responsiveness delivered in a personalized fashion to students - at scale

  • Innovation - year in and year out upgrades to technology and teaching and learning improvements.

Your Personalized Portal & App

Delivering a robust suite of tools for academic writing, critical skills, research design and execution, wellness, motivation and transferable skills for careers.

    Build your OWN professional development site and app using our modular system.

    Your logo, colors, requests for webinars and scheduling tied to your campus needs. Updated over time to become your online tools for students, tied into an international community of student users.

    DoctoralNet research brings your team data driven results.

    Twice a year we deliver adoption, usage, and indicators of retention. We then plot out the best calendar for the next semester and any special events that will increase our tools merging with your on campus efforts.

    A team of extra help, years of development behind us, delivering services that make a difference.

    Thanking the leadership and direction of our current partners...