Three tiers of support to
improve the graduate school experience


...require Doctoral & Masters programs to be profitable.

We stop the leaks from 1st generation, older, working, NNES etc students who require overlapping supports to graduate smoothly.

Three tiers of possible supports depending on budget and need...

Registered Members

Tasks Lists

Community Webinars

Self Assess Research Design




...need a variety of options to increase work-life balance and support, 24/7 – 365

30 Day Challenges

Interactive Maps

Personalized Content

Community Follows

Motivation Aid

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What we do

Build Profitability of PostGraduate Programs with a Technology Support Platform

Using your logo and adapting to your specific MasterNet (MN) or DoctoralNet (DN) needs

Improve Per Student Bottom Line

Save on recruiting and enrolling while reducing churn and increasing ROI

Improve Masters and Doctoral Students’ Experience

End isolation and ease tensions in the research and writing process through content and community
Your university on all devices

Ease Your Graduate Office Staff’s Workload

Provide constant ongoing support with your MN or DN platforms

Delivering Data to Improve Programs

Providing student level feedback from a neutral source

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