Improve Masters and Doctoral Students’ Experience

The ONLY Digital Professional Development Service Built Exclusively for Masters & Doctoral Students

Postgraduate/Graduate students stumble for complex reasons, some personal, some institutional. We are committed to helping them fill those gaps and move on: 24/7, 365.

this is how it works

  • We build your university site

  • We work with your team to integrate digital with current on-campus PD

  • Students sign on site / Come to webinars groups

  • We integrate our badges and certificate progam with your PD system

  • University promotes 2-3 "BIG" events a term

  • We track your usage data and report twice a year for planning

  • Together we watch access, engagement and efficacy (our research variables) improve

Your Personalized Portal & App

Delivering a robust suite of tools for academic writing, critical skills, research design and execution, wellness, motivation and transferable skills for careers.

Build your OWN professional development site and app using our modular system.

Your logo, colors, requests for webinars and scheduling tied to your campus needs. Updated over time to become your online tools for students, tied into an international community of student users.

    Fine tune delivery for maximum success using comparison data of your results with other universities using the system

    Twice a year we deliver adoption, usage, and indicators of retention. We then plot out the best calendar for the next semester and any special events that will increase our tools merging with your on campus efforts.

    Have a technology team partner without taking on the extra personnel expense this would require if developed in house and together move towards increased retention and completion for Masters and Doctoral students

    Thanking the leadership and direction of these our current partners...

    • TAMU University
    • UNH University
    • Morgan State University
    • Calpoly University
    • WVU University
    • DCU University
    • SDState University
    • TAMIU University
    • Qatar University

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