About us

Our mission

DoctoralNet Ltd's mission is to work with universities to raise Masters and Doctoral retention and completion. We do that by:

  1. providing a wide range of technology enhanced support services and learning aids, in order to throw a wide net that encourages those that need the most help to engage further.
  2. reducing ambiguity as to the subtleties of graduate education for students who are non-traditional, online, etc. or others who are confused or isolated.
  3. feeding back valuable data on three variables (adoption, responsive pedagogy, innovation) to our university partners.
  4. providing a wide range of marketing to students to nudge them towards professional development options.

Getting started is as easy as...

Step 1 - sending your student emails, first names and last names. Then we begin to engage.

Step 2 - your staff and office works with the advertising and social media we provide, supporting the services through your newsletters etc.

Step 3 - by providing various disaggregates with your data (online, part time, program, degree, etc.) we analyze your students adoptions

Step 4 - Together programs aimed at students who are at-risk of disengagement develop.